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General Sanction Information

Link to Certificates Now.  You need your club's login information to access this page.  The use of a pool (for meet or workouts), as well as various hotels, support groups (eg; jetski operations, lifeguards, etc.) and more require proof of insurance forms from USMS.

The USMS Guide to Operations has links to Insurance information (meets, workouts, races, etc.), Meet and Open Water Directors guides, LMSC Standards and more.

Don't know where to start???

First, You need to create a meet/race notice & entry form.  If you need a place to start ... here's a format you can use for a pool meet.  Or check the meet notices on the events or meet results pages and create your own format.

Second, Create a sanction request using the online application form at  It will get forwarded when complete to the  sanction's chair.  You'll get a sanction number and entry form with the sanction number included on it.  You can use this to ...

Third, get any necessary permits from pool operations/county and/or DLNR (ocean), etc.  You'll need to get some officials to run the meet/race ... so contact our official's chair (Sandy Drake).

Pool Sanction & Recognition Applications & Documents

Open Water Sanction  Application & Documents