How to join USMS


The preferred method is online. Click the button to the left.  (Credit card required, not debit)

REGISTER: To join USMS - register Online. simply print out and complete BOTH SIDES of the individual 2020 registration form and send it in to the address on the form along with a check for the registration fee. Note that you can type directly into this form and then print it out. Please remember to sign the form. Within a very short time you will receive your registration card (if you want one) with your registration number. Keep this card handy, as any USMS registered event or workout you attend as a visitor you will need to show your card.

TRYOUT: To try-out for masters (max 30 days - one time only lifetime. Filed with USMS), Print out and complete BOTH SIDES of the individual TRYOUT form. This form is turned into club, and the club files a copy of both sides with USMS.

Membership benefits include:

  • a subscription to SWIMMER Magazine (6/yr)
  • secondary accident and liability insurance during all sanctioned and organized workouts
  • access to workout with any USMS swim program in the country:
  • access to USMS resources such as those found on the usms website
  • opportunities to compete in USMS sanctioned events
  • eligibility to obtain state, national and world records

Transfer of Membership Form.

For complete information on membership athletes see article 201

One event registration for individuals

We are currently not registering One-Event member.


A) Existing Clubs should re-register each year after October 1st, and before October 31st either:

  • By using the online link, OR
  • By completing a Club Membership Application (2020) and returning it to the LMSC Registrar with the appropriate fee. Please note that the location of the team's pool is requested, to facilitate inquiries regarding locations. Fee can be paid by credit card.

A club must be registered for the year before individual swimmers can be registered with that club.

B) New Clubs may register like an existing club with link or paper app above.

C) Workout Groups are used to have multiple "teams" under one USMS Team Name that compete AGAINST each other in Hawaii based competition, but as teammates in national competition (relays). Workout Groups still have to pay USMS as though you were a complete club, so the best alternative is to just register with HIMA or a local club you might swim with.

A club must be registered before individual swimmers can be registered with the new club.

Liability Insurance Certificates

USMS Liability Insurance has changed.  Here's a link to information on USMS insurance.  To get an insurance certificate for your club, follow the instructions on the above link.