2013 Events


  • Saturday, June 15,8am start.   Popoi'a Ocean Swim, non-sanctioned event.  Kailua Masters.  Kailua Beach.

  • North Shore Series NOT USMS sanctioned events June 22, July 6, July 20, Aug 3 2013

  • Duke's mile Sat, end of August

  • Waikiki Roughwater Swim;  2.4 miles, Monday, Labor Day, Sept 2, 2013 NOT a USMS sanctioned event.


  • Maui Channel Swim; Lanai to Kaanapali (Black Rock), 9.5 miles 6-person relay, Saturday August 31, 2013 8am.  Escort boats this year will have to be inboard motors, or if outboard or inboard/outboard, will have to have prop guards installed and boats will have to provide proof of $1M insurance to race & safety director at least 24 hours prior to race.  Results.
  • 'Aumakua 2.4 & 1 mile swim; Kam III-II-I; Monday, Labor Day, Sept 2, 2013 8:45am.  Cancelled - County Parks Special Events denied permit because it may cause complaints for beach access on a holiday.

Note re Maui OW swims.  Because of low numbers of swimmers, many have been cancelled while we work out how to safely and within all the requirements of USA-Swimming and USMS.  Sadly this has caused cancellations to many triathlons and the long-running Aluminum Man series on Maui.  Next year we hope to bring back one more swim ... probably Polar Bear by change of venue.

Hawaii (Big Island)

  • King's swim ... not sanctioned. County run.


  • There is a county sanctioned event in Hanalei Bay.