How To:

The How To Menu is broken into sub-menus to help you find your topic more easily:

  • Register (club or individual [year or one-event]) (Have new 2014 LINK and new paper form.  Need to get clubs registered for 2014 before Individual Registration starts Nov 1.)
  • Transfer (club to club in Hawaii or between Hawaii & mainland club)
  • Sanction (sanctions mean an event is governed by the rules and regulations of USMS, overseen by [volunteer] members, with liability insurance by Risk Management Services for USMS): Santion forms for pool & open water events, for recognition (non-USMS events where the results are counted) and some basic instructions found here.
  • Host Open Water events (there's more than sanctions to hosting an open water event: permits, safety, officials, etc.)
  • Host Pool Meets (same here ... with some tips to sanction "with" a USA-Swimming event)
  • Become a masters official