Clubs are member organizations of USMS Sanctioned by HMSA.  A club sanction provides liability insurance protection for any workout or other sanctioned USMS event where only USMS swimmers participate.

The club you select when you register is the club you represent when you participate in USMS Sanctioned events.  You can be "members" supporting many clubs outside your USMS selection.  In Hawaii there are basically 3 types of clubs you can select when you register:

1. Your local club that you regularly swim with.  This is the normal selection.  A few clubs have a fee to become members - some collect this registration fee when you register with USMS.  HMSA & USMS supports this as creating the organization that secures facilities for workouts and sees that you have a certified coach on deck takes time and has costs.
2. Hawaii Masters (HiMa) is a virtual club that swimmers who want to swim in events (e.g.; nationals, worlds, and even local swim meets) have teammates, and can swim on relays ... even if only a few members from each island attend the event.  We encourage you to still support financially the club you swim with as a member for the reasons stated in 1.
3. Unattached.  You do not have to select a club when you register.

Your club must register with USMS for the year BEFORE you can register as a swimmer representing that club.

How to register your club with USMS

A) Existing Clubs should re-register each year before October 31st either:

A1. By using the online link, or

A2. By completing a Club Membership Application and returning it to the LMSC Registrar with the appropriate fee. Please note that the location of the team's pool is requested, to facilitate inquiries regarding locations.

A club must be registered before individual swimmers can be registered with that club.

B) New Clubs may register at any time by completing the Club Membership Application and submitting it to the LMSC Registrar with the appropriate fee, or By using the online link.
A club must be registered before individual swimmers can be registered with the new club.

One reason to register your club is to have the insurance needed to run workouts. To get the insurance certificate click on this link. You need your club's login information to access this page. The use of a pool (for meet or workouts), as well as various hotels, support groups (eg; jetski operations, lifeguards, etc.) and more require proof of insurance forms from USMS.