Channel Crossings

One type of swimming accomplishment unique to Hawaii is Channel Crossings.   You can find them posted on Hawaii Swim Clubs’ webpage (HSC) along with the rules. Each channel has a separate page starting with the Kaiwi Channel .  Of course there’s the Maui Channel Swim Relay Race across the Au'Au from Lanai to Maui which has solo swimmers each year.

It was Keith Arakaki (HSC webmaster) who first expressed interest in listing Hawaiian Channels Swim crossings on his website, there was no interest in channel swimming except to the aficionado.  He helped publicize channel swimming to the broader swim public.  The recent growth in interest and activity in Hawaiian Channel swimming is due to the exposure received from his website, with recent crossings being made by swimmers from Hawaii, mainland, and international locales.  We're greatly indebted to the efforts he made to develop the channel swim site and the effort he continues to expend to keep the records current.