ABOUT ... Hawaii Masters Swimming Association

... is the local governing body (LMSC - Local Masters Swim Committee) for United States Masters Swimming (USMS - see below). Our LMSC name is Hawaii Masters Swimming Assoc, HMSA.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Hawaii Masters Swimming Association (HMSA) exists to promote fitness and health in all adults by offering and supporting Masters Swimming as the Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) for United States Masters Swimming (USMS) in the State of Hawaii.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: HMSA is a non-profit private organization for Hawaii (HI) under the jurisdiction of and supporting United States Masters Swimming, Inc. (USMS). Our goals and objectives shall be to promote and develop swimming (pool and open water), aquatic safety, physical fitness, and good health for the benefit of Masters swimmers of all abilities in accordance with the goals, objectives, rules, and standards prescribed by USMS.

There are many benefits to joining USMS.

  • One of the most important is the offering of secondary insurance to all registered swimmers and swim clubs.
  • This insurance is used for sanctioned or recognized swimming meets, ocean races or solo swims.
  • A subscription to SWIMMER Magazine, the official swim magazine for masters swimmers.
  • You can swim with any other registered club in the country when travelling (normal "drop-in" fees apply).
  • You could set state, national and world masters records.
  • The USMS website provides members a login to track YOUR swimming and other workouts (Go the distance).
  • It provides an organization whose sole purpose is promoting, supporting and creating masters swim programs in the country. USMS has over 50,000 registered masters swimmers nationwide. The organization is made up of all volunteers except for the Executive Secretary (the only full-time position); a small stipend is paid each year to: Marketing Liason; Webmaster; and Swim Magazine USMS Editor.

Hawaii Masters - USMS Organizational Structure

Within USMS there are 8 Zones which were formed to meet the specific needs and represent the various areas of the country. The zones names are: Breadbasket, Colonies, Dixie, Great Lakes, Northwest, Oceana, South Central and Southwest. These zones are physical divisions for different regions of the country. Each zone has a representative. Ours is Richard Smith, from Sacramento, Calif.. Hawaii is in the Oceana Zone.

Each Zone is furthered divided into Local Masters Swim Committees (LMSC). LMSC's are smaller divisions of the zones. LMSC represent and serve even better the local needs of the masters swimming committee. Our zone (Oceana) is shared with 1 other LMSC, Pacific Masters Swimming (which covers the area of N. Calif, and parts of Nevada). All other zones are made up of 3 or more LMSC. The reason there are only two LMSC's in our zone, is because Pacific Masters Swimming (PMS) is the largest LMSC in the country with over 8000 registered masters swimmers. Our LMSC was created by Bruce Clark in 1974 (according to our longest serving chair Janet Renner). We owe Bruce a lot, because with out his vision, we probably would not have had an LMSC at all!! (And *I* thank Janet Renner for all she did before serving until 2009 as the general chair - receiving a service award from USMS in the same year.)

LMSC's are registered with USMS and each LMSC has their own by-laws, and board. LMSC's report to their Zone chair at least annually. USMS provides a LMSC handbook, which is revised each year, This handbook gives guidelines and rules for how to operate an LMSC.

Each LMSC is made up of Masters Swim Clubs who are registered through USMS and their LMSC. Each Masters Swim Club has it's own by-laws and board. USMS has guidelines and information for starting a swim club.

It is up to each club to support and/or host masters meets. It is up to the LMSC to support and/or host any LMSC Championship meets. It is up to the Zone and LMSC's to host and/or support any Zone Championship meets.

In 2009, to be in compliance with new USMS Minimum Standards covering organizational structure and non-profit (501(c)(3) as a "subordinate organization" to USMS) requirements from USMS approved at the 2009 convention. the HMSA board updated the Bylaws approved at the Annual meeting held on Oahu in May 2010.

About USMS

United States Masters Swimming (USMS) exists to promote fitness and health in adults by offering and supporting Masters Swimming programs. USMS was founded in 1970 and currently has over 50,000 members. It supports and encourages competition, but more than half of its members are fitness swimmers who do not compete. USMS is one of five organizations which comprise "United States Aquatic Sports", which is a member of FINA, the international governing body for aquatic sports.

USMS is the only self-governing masters organization in the world under United States Aquatic Sports (USAS) which is the organization that governs all aquatic sports in the US for FINA.  USAS is made up of the following 5 sports, each of which has its own governing body:

USA Swimming (Age group swimming - 18 years and under)
USMS - United States Masters Swimming (18 years and over)
US Diving
US Synchornized Swimming
US Waterpolo

USMS was first created within USA Swimming in about 1972.  USMS used to be under the same umbrella as USA Swimming, but received independence in the early 80's.